Everyone wants to be famous nowadays, own a fancy house and ride fancy cars and eat at the most affluent restaurant twice or thrice a week. But behind all the glamour and the riches is years and years of hard work and sacrifice which gets put in. Which by means of fate and luck gets paid off and ends up in late mornings lying in bed with a hangover after a night of heavy partying. The selfie trend and the Instagram world has put this relentless pressure of looking like a model 24X7. The daily gym workout sessions, the high protein/vegan diet, and the occasional trip to the plastic surgeon and constant posts on social media to show the world that you are alive. It does pay a lot to be a celebrity.


The journey of a celebrity from flab to fit

In a world where appearance is everything, a star can’t afford to look like he/she has had a bad hangover for years. Celebs are supposed to be at the top of their game so as to get that top rupee in their bank accounts which means no wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, fat deposits on the face or body nor any scars or birthmarks. Take for instance a starting actor or let us say a young actor who is new to the industry is bombarded with ridiculous demands from getting a facelift. People often say that actors/actresses have it easy, which is easier said than done, but when it comes to filming a blockbuster actors/actresses give their best and most importantly spend a major part of their life in making that movie.

The best example one can come across is Bollywood Star Aamir Khan’s transformation for the film ‘Dangal’. During pre-production, the actor had to get into the state of mind of the character which includes the physical as well the character traits required for the role. A film is scheduled for usually 12 hours each day but it often goes up to 16-20 hours and this is where he has to completely get into the role and transform himself into the physical shape required for the movie, probably the demands may be ridiculous according to him, but that is the movie business.

For his role in Dangal, Aamir Khan himself said that putting on weight wasn’t much of a ball as his weight training was affected and he couldn’t move fast, his breathing changed and his whole body language changed. From the flabby look Aamir transformed himself to the sculpted look where he was required to look younger and he achieved it in the next 6-8 months of heavy training sessions and a strict diet plan. So for a regular person, hitting the gym and achieving the same will be an overwhelming task but for an actor it’s his job to fulfill what the movie demands, as they are paid a huge amount of money and they must deliver in a given time.






What regular individuals need to know?

Though the above example must be an inspiration for some and may have driven some to achieve what Aamir Khan has done. But sadly, what youngsters need to get a handle on is the other side of the picture. Celebs are paid for each and every mile they run on the treadmill and every rep they do with a dumbbell and the diet they follow is a scientifically analyzed diet which is recommended by expert professionals who are highly expensive. On top of that when regular earning individuals start following these crazy diets and strenuous workout which celebs follow, and can afford, they end up physically abusing themselves because they don’t have an education on it in the first place. Actors/actresses are paid crores of rupees and are engaged in high profile diets which they are able to afford.


Another side of the story is that renowned fitness trainers are there to make sure that the celeb is getting adequate training and their diet is not compromised which costs the filmmakers crores of rupees. And when finally, the look is achieved, the actor starts shooting for the movie for which he earns his moolah. Thus, the takeaway for regular individuals like us is to engage in simple diets which are readily available and affordable and do not burn a hole in our pockets, also when you hit the gym having an idol in front of you as a poster is a good idea but to achieve that look is a different ball game, do exercises which are easy to do, you will get great results doing those itself. Stay safe people.