Looking good no matter where you’re headed is essential for every person today. Whether you’re headed to the mall, a club, for a fancy brunch, to the movies, an important business meeting, or any and every social or formal event, the first and foremost thing you want to do is look good. And looking good is not restricted to what people around you see and admire; it also has an immense impact on how you feel. So why not look and feel good even while sweating it out at the gym or while running or during a yoga or a Pilates class?  Fashion is undeniably deep-rooted in or society today. And while staying fit and healthy is obviously very important, it is also catching up as a cultural phenomenon. Mixing these two remarkably important lifestyles is when the real magic happens.


Sportswear has over the decades become very fashionable and trendy. Ever since the 1920s, the Americans and the Europeans have been wearing sportswear as casual everyday wear, sometimes even making a fashion statement out of it. A renowned tennis player, Jane Regny, started her own clothing brand which primarily focused on fashionable sports clothing, and was very active in the 1920s and 30s, even as Coco Chanel offered sporty apparel as a part of her brand’s varied collection. The tennis attire that designers/players like Jane Regny and Fred Perry distributed was used both on the field and casually on the street. In the 1970s, Bruce Lee brought about the trend of wearing tracksuits into mainstream fashion. Even people who would not be indulging in any athletic activity wore fashionable and colourful tracksuits of various fabrics as everyday outfits.


This practice of merging sportswear with fashion is not only prevalent today, but is also progressively pre-eminent. People actively and meticulously pick their sportswear and mostly aim to purchase their products from well known fashionable brands that have famous celebrities and/or athletes representing them. Some of the pop culture icons have their own line of sportswear teamed up with big brands which rapidly attracts customers. In 2013, actress Kate Hudson launched her sportswear brand “Fabletics”; Beyonce launched her activewear line, Ivy Park, in 2016 which spurred a lot of elation among the masses, and the list goes on with names like Heidi Klum and Selena Gomez.

One of the more commonly used and admired component of sportswear are sneakers. Sneakers have always been, and it seems like will always be, one of the most crucial parts of pop culture.  Kanye West has his own line of shoes called “Yeezy” for which he teamed up with brands including Nike and Adidas, The Weeknd teamed up with Puma for his special sneakers collection called “Parallel”, and other artists like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg also have their own shoe lines. The case in point is that people look up to these celebrities and are often inspired by their fashionable mannerisms and trends. So whether you are gearing up for a work-out session or simply heading to the mall with your friends, put on your best sporty outfit and comfortable yet quirky sneakers, because “Athleisure” is a trend that is forever here to stay.