Celebrity endorsement has been a successful culture in the vast world of branding since a long time now. No matter what products or services celebrities promote, they are bound to become a trend that everyone would want to follow. Celebrities bring with them credibility, and offer colossal exposure.  They have a large number of followers and that makes it easier for brands to put forward their products and/or services in a positive light. Back in 1984, the famous sportswear brand Nike took an interest in the then young basketball player Michael Jordan who was just beginning his career. The star player soon became Nike’s brand ambassador and that helped the brand become popular all over the world.


But sportswear brands have never limited their promotional strategies to only famous athletes. Cinema and television stars, singers, and even models have endorsed major brands. In 2015, the famous musician The Weeknd was signed by Puma and even has an entire range under his name, and last year, Nike signed model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner as their brand ambassador. Very recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson signed an endorsement deal with the brand Under Armour and it was ranked as the best-paired celebrity and brand partnership to have ever existed in the fashion industry. In India, actor Hrithik Roshan invested in and launched his own brand called HRX.


Even though a lot of companies today have started promoting their brand through social media influencers, nothing beats the business that traditional celebrities bring with them; and this is because people look up to celebrities, and worship their style. If a celebrity is endorsing a particular brand of sportswear, people are more likely to be drawn towards that brand than say, a brand that is promoting its products through a social media influencer. The demographic reach of a celebrity will always be more varied than that of an influencer.

A lot of businesspeople have been investing in start-ups and signing endorsement deals with well known celebrities to help promote the new line of sportswear they wish to bring into the market. Celebrities themselves are founders and co-founders of new sportswear brands and companies. Apart from Hrithik Roshan and his brand HRX, actress Gul Panag co-founded a fitness start-up called MobieFit in 2015. Another great example is tennis sensation Mahesh Bhupati, who co-founded his sportswear brand Zeven in 2016.

Charity events are another superlative platform to promote sportswear brands. Since charity events are focused more on the general public and are truly beneficial for them, the brand gains more credibility and support. The promotion of sportswear through charity events not only increases a brand’s popularity, but also the public’s participation in various sports. And if celebrities join these events, it’s a cherry on the top situation.

Celebrities creating and disseminating sportswear trends is one of the definite ways of promoting a brand. When popular figures who the audience revere, endorse brands, the respective brands become more popular and are easily able to attract new customers, while being able to retain the existing ones.