Five to ten minutes of warming up is preferred. A low-intensity version of the exercises to be performed can be done as a warm-up. For example walking being the warm-up for jogging. 


A number of benefits are associated with warming up such as:-

1. Increase in boy temperature - The end result of a warm-up leaves the body temperature elevated by one to two degrees. A warmer body is less prone to muscle pulls and makes them more flexible.

2. Increase in muscle temperature - Muscles that are properly warmed up contract and relax at a faster pace and also supplies more strength and speed to the body.

3. Increased blood flow - Warming up leads to widened blood vessels that diminish the pressure on the heart and enhances the blood flow throughout the body.

4. More supply of oxygen - More oxygen and nutrients are provided to the muscles.

5. Prepares the heart – Warm-ups prepare the heart for the activity to be performed. It increases the heart rate which in turn increases the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles and makes the body ready to burn more energy. It also avoids a sudden increase in blood pressure when a person starts the workout.

6. Elevation in blood temperature - The rise in blood temperature leads to the rise in blood oxygen levels. More oxygenated blood supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the body parts.

7. Also, warming up prepares the body for stretching.

Stretching should always follow after warming up as stretching the cold muscles can lead to injury. One should try and hold the stretches for ten to thirty seconds to lengthen the muscles. One should breathe properly while stretching in order to provide more oxygen to the muscles. Also, specific stretches should be done focusing on the areas and muscles to be most used during the workout.


Here are the benefits of stretching -  

1.  Improves flexibility - More flexibility aids in performing the workouts in a much better way. The flexible the muscles and joints, the less is the risk of their injuries. Also, it benefits in performing your day to day activities at much more ease. 

2. Prepares the muscles - Initially, the muscles are very stiff and there is a lot of tension that prevents the muscles from performing the workout in full throttle. The tension and stiffness are slowly released and the body parts are able to perform better.  

3. Enhances the range of motion - The joints and muscles are granted more freedom for movement with stretching. The workouts involving the full range of body motion can be easily pursued after regular stretching. 

4. Improves blood flow - Increase in blood flow helps in providing more nutrients to the muscles. Also, it shortens the recovery time.

5. Helps in maintaining a good posture - A good posture is imperative to perform the workouts in the right way. Also, a good posture minimizes aches and body pains.

Fifteen to twenty minutes should be dedicated to the pre-workout phase. Inculcate the warming up and stretching session into your workout routine and feel the changes in your body and performance.