People spend a significant portion of their time at work. Well, half of your life is spent at work and most of the eating takes place there. So for individuals who basically live in the office, a healthy work life free from any diseases or ailments is like a mirage. Though it can’t be achieved fully, but one can definitely get close to it. The only factor which can make a difference is working individuals stepping up to their health and employers getting serious when it comes to health. Unhealthy employees can sometimes cost corporations huge amount of money in numerous ways which can range from a merely demotivated employee to a seriously ill individual.



How corporate life is affecting the health of individuals?

Workplace stress is a very broad term and it’s a serious concern in India where mental fatigue, hypertension and feeling overwhelmed at work can take a toll on the individual.  If we take a look at how corporates are placing a big barrier to healthy eating is time and motivation, as responsibilities and work stress keeps piling up and individuals are barely able to gather the energy to eat a balanced diet when they are busy. The negative effect is when hunger and frustration strikes, and one reaches out to the most easily accessible but less healthy food alternative. If your job requires you to sit all day and slog it out, then on the long run you may get affected with aches and pains and severe issues like arthritis and bursitis.  It’s a known practice with individuals working in corporates, that breakfast is not a part of their day. They are those who are always on the run and are regularly putting their body through an awful lot which is slowly declining their metabolism.

Most of the office folks do a lot of eating and drinking out so as to declutter be it client meetings, corporate get together or office parties. All this accumulates in your body resulting in unexpected strokes, heart attacks and sometimes even seizures.


The need of incorporating health programs in MNCs

Corporates now have slowly started to feel the need to put workplace nutrition in the spotlight. As the amount and the quality of calories we consume at work counts a lot. Though employers need to seriously focus on the quality of the food that is made readily available to their employees but along with that employees need to introspect on the decisions and eating habits on the job.

A lot of companies in India still lack the basic amenities when to comes to health and wellness and most of them are least concerned whether the average employee is able to operate well or not. It’s very essential that corporates focus on healthy eating choices accessible and affordable for their employees. Vending machine that are placed on every corner of an office should offer a variety of healthy eating options.

Education of employees is necessary as they will realize the need to improve their diet and nutrition. Here are a few steps corporate organizations can undertake o educate their employees:


ü Invite a health expert or a dietician to conduct a seminar so as to educate individuals about the risks involved if work takes over and is meddling with an individual’s physical and mental health.


ü A reliable and trustworthy source should be initiated in the organization when it comes to healthy eating.


ü Conduct an offsite cooking class for the staff where employees can cook healthy meals for themselves.


ü Hire a dedicated nutritionist as part of the organization who provides discounted consultations.


ü As part of the company newsletter, employers can send out weekly healthy recipes for their staff.










The self-help guide for a working individual towards a healthy diet


  1. 1.     Work Life Balance - Bring work home is one of the main reasons people fail to live a healthy life. Though you might love your jobbut bringing work home, skipping breakfast/lunch and constantly stressing over deadlines will become a huge task. Thus one needs to separate the two and indulge in activities outside office like sports, take up a new hobby or just spend time with friends and family.




  1. 2.     Sleep - Highly successful people sleep only 3-4 hours a day, but you don’t have to be like them. Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep which will make up for a lot of unproductivity and fatigue and crankiness which you have been dealing at work.


  1. 3.     By setting an efficient pace at the work front - Set a precedent wherein you decide the rate at which you can operate at work but ensure that you get the job done. Though high pressure jobs and bad bosses are everywhere, try and practice effective time management and planning ahead of the day.


  1. 4.     Build healthy relations at work - There is nothing worse than carrying yourself at work and hating the idea of dealing with your boss and colleagues. Lack of loyalty and stress are major factors in job dissatisfaction as physical well-being can only be maintained when emotional and mental well-being is in the right place.