The enthusiasm to perform workouts and reach the desired body fitness can sometimes become overwhelming. We are so involved in performing the workouts and measuring the results that we tend to overlook various mistakes we simultaneously perform. It also happens that we are not even conscious that something we have been doing for so long can be wrong. These mistakes can be the reason that your workouts are not having enough impact on your body and fitness. It’s time that you eliminate these mistakes from your workout to achieve better results.


Skipping warm-up

We all are hit by the thought of directly plunging into our workouts by skipping the warm-up sessions. Even when running short of time, it’s the warm-up session that gets breezed past. This happens because everyone desires to devote their attention to the high-intensity workouts as soon as they enter the gym and the warm-up sessions seem insignificant. However, the warm-up session loosens up the muscles and primes your body so that it can perform more efficiently.  It elevates your body and muscle temperature, leads to an increased blood flow and thus supplies abundant oxygen and nutrients to your body parts to be utilized while you are into the rigorous workout.




Performing static stretching before cardio 

Stretching is always assumed to be an imperative part of the pre-workout session and it’s true. However, there are two types of stretching- Dynamic and static. Most people tend to go for static stretching before a workout, without knowing that it can actually have a negative effect on their efficiency. Holding the stretches for a long time can tire your muscles and reduce your speed. It also deteriorates your strength endurance and reaction time. Hence stretching should be avoided one hour before the workout. Instead, dynamic stretching should be brought into practice right before the workout for improved range of motion and blood flow.


Have the same workout regime

A set patterned workout may seem effective initially but over the course of time, it becomes unproductive. The monotony may leave you bored and you might not put in the same efforts as you used to. Moreover, the body is good at adapting the repeated workout and will garner minimum results. Also, performing the same exercises daily will not provide your muscle tissues with enough time to recover, thus might cause an injury. Having different workout regimen for different days will efficiently target all your muscles and will give enough time for your body to heal.

Taking long rest breaks

 Resting is imperative between the workout as it allows your muscles to refuel with energy and helps in increasing their endurance for the next set. But the average resting period should fall between 30-60 seconds. Resting for too long can reduce your efficiency, slow your heart rate and the overall intensity of your workout will fall down. Hence, the breaks should be of a short duration. 


Not cooling down

As it is imperative to prepare your body for the rigorous activities by warming up, cooling down is also essential for a smooth transition from exercising to the normal state. It brings down your heart and breathing rate to normal, prevents pooling of blood in the muscles which happen after the workout is stopped and prevents muscle soreness.