1.       Monday – Warm-up and cardio

Warming up is requisite at the start of every workout and for the beginners it becomes even more vital. A warm-up helps to ward-off the unnecessary injuries caused as a result of stiff and cold muscles and even bring more efficiency to the workout. Simple exercises like head rotation, arm rotation, shoulder rotation, torso swings and bends, hip rotation, inner thigh stretch, butt kicks and knee kicks can be done. Each of this exercise should be repeated 15-20 times.

After this, choose your favourite cardio exercise which can be anything like cycling, swimming, running, aerobics, rowing, stair climbing, dancing, etc. As it’s the first day, one must keep the intensity of their exercise low and should not strain themselves. Perform the exercise for 15-20 minutes.  End the workout by stretching and cooling down your muscles.

2.       Tuesday - Basic strength training

To improve your muscular fitness and aid in losing weight, strength training is done. It also helps in strengthening your bones and benefits your balance, coördination, and posture.  It’s a physical activity that exercises a specific muscle group against external resistance or your own body weight and thus helps in strengthening and building muscles.

After warming up your body, continue with performing different basic strength training exercises like squats, bench press, deadlift, crunches, seated cable cow, triceps pushdown, lat pulldown, overhead press and biceps curl.  A single set of 12 repetitions for each of the exercises should be done. Follow this by stretching and cooling down.


3.       Wednesday - Low intensity Cardio and stretching

This day should be light to give your body a little rest and to make your muscles recover. Start by warming up your body and then turn to any of the cardio exercises. These can be performed in the gym like on a treadmill or a stationary bike or outside by running and cycling. Devote 20-25 minutes to the cardio workout in a low pace. As it’s the first week, the intensity should be kept low. In the following weeks, the amount of time and force can be increased. Finish the workout by stretching to improve your muscle flexibility.


4.       Thursday -Strength and cardio

It's the day for performing both the cardio and strength training to make your way into the intense workout. However, today the pace should be kept low, which can be increased in the upcoming weeks. Start by warming up and them running on the treadmill for 5- 10 minutes. Follow this by strength training. Today the repetitions can be increased up to 15; however the set should be single. Cooling down and stretching should not be forgotten after every workout.


5.       Friday-  Cardio

Today is again the cardio day. After the warm-up, aim for a twenty to twenty five minutes of cardio exercise. The pace should be kept low as to provide your body with a day to recover yet not lose the continuity of the workout. Finish by cooling and stretching.


6.       Saturday- Cardio and Strength

Start by warming up and then go for low intensity cardio and strength. The pace should be improved in the upcoming week.