The upsurge in the preference of the activewear in daily life can be clearly witnessed. While going to office and colleges, to run errands, in meetings and sometimes in social gatherings as well, we often spot people donning their activewear, and it’s the latest trend. A special term called Athleisure has also been coined for it, which means “casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.” And the athleisure market is continuously on the increase and is expected to grow 30% more by 2020. The athleisure is cutting into sales of jeans and displacing the typical workwear styles, for obvious reasons. The athleisure are so comfortable as compared to our normal wears like tight jeans and tops, does not restrict our movements, pull in and compliment the body shape, are cost and time effective, and they look so cool. You too can easily switch your activewear to make it a daily wear. Follow the below mentioned steps and incorporate your gym wear into the daily wear.

1.  The essentials
Stock up on different, well-fitted and trendy joggers, yoga pants and the tank tops. These key essentials can work with many pieces to form a wide range of outfits. One can choose from the different patterns and array of colors, depending on their taste. If one prefers subtle colors and designs in their daily life, then incorporating the same patterns in their workout attires will make them wearable everywhere. Choose activewear that has an adjustable waistband and are well-fitted for a great post-gym look.


2. A collection of sweatshirts and hoodies
The comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies can be donned everytime you hit the gym as well as while you head towards your work or college. A wide range of color combination with funky logos and patterns will give you a fresh look every time. Moreover, the comfort level that the sweatshirts and hoodies provide is apt for chilling out.

3. Layer it
A simple layering above the gym wear can generate various trendy looks. Wear a leather jacket over your tank top and look stylish and classy. Don a sheer top over a bright tank top to turn the subtle gym-look into the street style look. One can also wear tunic tops and off-shoulder tops over the sportswear to give themselves a chic makeover. Also, you can look cool and stylish by tying a shirt around the waist.


4. Accessorize
A simple accessory is enough to take your athleisure appearance from the gym to daily wear. Flaunt a pair of sunglasses to give your gym wear look a sophisticated twist. You can experiment and tie different patterns of scarfs around your neck and look sassy.

5. Mix and Match
The gym wardrobe can be easily mixed and matched with other daily wears. One can wear their sweatshirt with the jeans while heading to their usual work and can wear off-shoulder and other fashionable tops with their joggers or yoga pants. If you are usually on the run, you can wear the sports shoes with the daily wears and slay along with staying comfortable. You can also team your sweatshirt with a pencil skirt and have a comfortable, chic and work-appropriate look.