5 simple steps to ward off workout injuries


The motivation to hit the gym and get in a perfect shape can sometimes overpower us. So much so, that we are overflowed with energy and start working out really hard. The immense workout leaves one drained of energy and sometimes with an injury.  The enthusiasm to get faster results devoids us from performing the exercise as advised. The consequences of this negligence are that the exercises are carried out in a poor posture and with wrong body-movements. As a result, numerous injuries follow. These injuries can be a sprained ankle, shoulder or knee injury, muscle pull and strain to severe damages like dislocations and fractures. And obviously no one wants to be a victim of these injuries ever, but trust me they are quite common. However, there are simple steps that you can follow, which will eliminate or at least diminish these damages.




Proper hydration before, during and after the workout is really important to get one going. One should drink a good amount of water two to three hours before the workout. A small amount of water during the workout keeps you from getting dehydrated. Water lubricates the joints and adjusts the body temperature. Without water, one might feel dizzy, tired and might not be able to perform at full capacity. Water is also helpful in transporting the nutrients to provide you with energy.




A certified trainer will provide you with a proper gym regime and diet. He/She will ensure that the workouts you are performing are done with correct posture. They will also structure a plan according to your goals, which can vary from weight loss, bodybuilding, gaining weight to staying fit. Also, for those with injuries and medical problems already, the trainer will cut back on exercises that concentrate on those specific areas. Thus, the trainer assists in a safe and effective workout.



It is important to warm up before each workout as it warms up the joints and muscles. Warming up makes sure that the muscles and tissues are supplied with enough blood and nutrients to provide adequate energy during the workouts. It also increases your heart rate and prevents the muscles tears, which can take place due to unnecessary stress and fatigue being placed on your muscles. One can simply begin with stretching, neck rotations, arm swings, shoulder rotations, some jumping jacks and jumping the rope for 30 secs.




The right attire will enhance your performance and eliminate the hindrances. One should opt for stretchable clothes that won’t constrict them. Also, perfect fitted clothes are a must as the baggy and loose clothes can easily get stuck in the gym equipment and get you injured. Apart from the clothes, other apparel should also be taken care of. Perfect fitted shoes with adequate cushioning should be chosen as they provide stability and avoids blisters, cramps and slipping. If You are climbing or are in the gym, a pair of gloves can protect from developing calluses on the palms. Don’t forget to wear a helmet if you are a biker.


  • REST


As much as our body needs a good workout to stay fit, it also needs to rest so that it can rejuvenate. Take one or two days off in a week and sleep for good 7-8 hours every day. It will help your body to reenergize and perform with the same efficiency.